Rules of conduct for visitors

Rules of conduct for visitors to the sports and concert and entertainment complex «VTB Arena - «Dynamo» Stadium Lev Yashin»

These rules are developed in accordance with the Rules of Conduct for Spectators during Official Sports Competitions, approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1156 of December 16, 2013, are mandatory for all visitors to the Sports and the concert and entertainment complex «VTB-Arena - stadium «Dynamo» named after. Lev Yashin» (hereinafter - SKRK).

In case of violation of the provisions of these rules, VTB Arena LLC (hereinafter referred to as the administration of the SKRK) reserves the right to refuse a visitor to visit the SKRK or remove from the territory a visitor whose actions create inconvenience or a threat to the safety of other guests. To ensure security, video surveillance is carried out on the territory of the SKRK and at sports facilities.

General rules of conduct for visitors

1. SKRK visitors are required to:

  • When entering events, you must have a QR code confirming protection against COVID-19, or another document approved in the region.
  • Observe and maintain public order and generally accepted norms of behavior, behave respectfully towards other visitors, service personnel, persons responsible for maintaining order on the territory of the SKRK, prevent actions that endanger others.
  • Fulfill the legal requirements of private security guards, who provide internal and access control within the SKRK, to inspect visitors to the SKRK using special equipment, and also present the property brought in for inspection.
  • Keep an eye on your personal belongings while visiting the SKRK. The administration of the SKRK is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage to personal belongings of visitors. Notify the employees of the SKRK or employees of the security company about all cases of detection of things left unattended, including: packages, bags, and other foreign objects.

2. In case of damage to property (including green spaces) on the territory of the SKRK, the person who caused the damage is obliged to compensate the material damage in full. If the guilty person does not agree to compensate for the damage caused, the administration of the ICRC reserves the right to recover damages in court. Responsibility for the damage caused is determined in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

3. Visitors acknowledge and agree that their photo and / or video image obtained during a visit to the SKRK can be made public and used by the administration of the SKRK by showing a video, broadcasting live or recorded, transmitted or recorded in another way, using photographs or other existing information technologies and / or technologies that will exist in the future, as well as transfer to third parties and third parties.

4. Images and video recordings made by a visitor during a visit to the SKRK can be used only for private home use, unless other requirements for photo and video filming are established by the procedure for the event. Video filming can only be done using household video cameras without a tripod. The visitor may not use the videos for commercial purposes under any circumstances, online or otherwise, provide them to third parties for commercial purposes.

5. The use of images of any objects of the SKRK obtained during photo, film, video shooting for commercial purposes is possible only on the basis of an agreement concluded with the administration of the SKRK.

7. Children under the age of 7 can visit the SKRK accompanied by their parents or persons authorized by them. The accompanying person is obliged not to leave young children unattended. All responsibility for the presence of children on the territory of the SKRK lies with the persons accompanying them.

8. On the territory of the SKRK it is prohibited:

  • Be in a state of alcoholic, narcotic, toxic and other intoxication, and/or commit other illegal actions, as well as in a form that offends human dignity and public morality. li>
  • Driving motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, snowmobiles and other similar vehicles.
  • Finding and (or) walking pets of all kinds (including the transit passage (passage) of visitors with animals.
  • Bathing in the fountains located on the territory of the SKRK, sunbathing on the lawns.
  • Walking on the lawns, organizing picnics, setting up tents, barbecues.
  • Making fires, burning dry leaves, using flammable agents and open flames.
  • Pollution of the territory of the SKRK with construction waste, household and other waste, landfills.
  • Destruction and damage (including the application of inscriptions and drawings) of building facades, pavilions, small architectural forms (urns, benches, sofas), sculptures and other structures .
  • Unauthorized entry into pavilions, buildings and other structures, including those under conservation, reconstruction or new construction.
  • Use of unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Carrying out all types of economic, commercial and other activities on the territory of the SKRK without the consent of the administration of the SKRK, including:
  • - distribution of publications and materials;
  • - distribution or demonstration of advertising and promotional materials, samples of goods or services;
  • - trading activities;
  • - holding any mass events (advertising, cultural, entertainment, sports).
  • Climb on statues and railings.
  • Breaking, digging, damaging trees and shrubs, damaging lawns, plucking and stealing flowers from flower beds, conducting unauthorized excavations and other survey work.
  • Climb trees, hang swings, hammocks, ropes, etc.
  • Carry out actions that violate the rights of other visitors to the SKRK to a favorable living environment without environmental tobacco smoke.
  • Sweep:
  • - weapons of any type, including items for self-defense, ammunition, piercing or cutting items, other items that can be used as weapons, poisonous, chemical, poisonous and pungent substances, radioactive materials, flammable materials, explosives substances, other dangerous objects, as well as objects that, although they do not pose a danger, in the opinion of the administration of the CRRC, may cause inconvenience to other visitors;
  • - flammable and pyrotechnic substances or products, including flares, fireworks, firecrackers, gas cylinders and objects (chemical materials) that can be used to make pyrotechnic products or smokes, colorants;
  • - any liquids, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks;
  • - propaganda materials of an extremist nature, materials containing Nazi or extremist paraphernalia or symbols that offend human dignity and public morality;
  • - bulky items that, in the opinion of the administration of the CRC, may cause inconvenience to other visitors;
  • - narcotic and toxic substances or stimulants;
  • -devices with laser radiation;
  • - any items that outwardly resemble prohibited items or their copies and analogues, and which can harm the health of guests, damage property or interfere with the normal operation of the CRMS.
  • tin cans, glassware, plastic dishes and containers, as well as thermoses and thermo mugs;
  • -cane umbrella;
  • - stickers that are not supportive, and can also be used to damage property by sticking them;
  • - any devices for smoking, including electronic cigarettes;
  • - sports equipment;
  • - any other items besides the above, which can be used as throwables;