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Cooperation with VTB Arena Park

Advertising integrations at VTB facilities are a flexible and comprehensive tool for communicating with a wide audience. It allows brands to form a positive attitude towards themselves and reflects a high level of corporate social responsibility.

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Advertising placement options

Media facade

The VTB Arena media facade is the largest media facade at a sports facility in Moscow. It is located on Leningradsky Prospekt, one of the main highways of the city, along which about 350,000 cars pass, the passenger flow exceeds 800 thousand people per day.

Included in the TOP-2 best advertising surfaces in Moscow according to Ed Metrix CIA (March 2021)
Advertising placement options

Shopping and entertainment
center VTB Arena Plaza

The total area of Arena Plaza is 26,000 square meters. At the moment, it presents unique sports and fashion stores, beauty salons, entertainment areas and a food hall with various concepts of cafes and restaurants. In addition, under the shopping center there is an underground parking for 650 cars.
Shopping center «Arena Plaza» offers
the following ad formats:
  • pop-up or vending machines
  • advertising on plasma screens
  • branding of escalators, walls and columns
  • promotional stands and sample distribution
  • placement on revolving doors
  • radio advertising
  • wall surfaces at the entrance and exit
  • special branded parking areas
Status of «Key partner of VTB Arena». Exclusive terms of cooperation
The most effective format of cooperation with VTB venues is the status of the «Key Partner of the VTB Arena». It allows you to place ads on all facilities of the complex at once, reaching more than 3 million people a year!


To learn more about the advertising opportunities of the project, please call:
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For contact

For questions about advertising:
+7 495 122-42-25