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Strategic partnership

As part of this program, the client becomes a «Key Sponsor of VTB Arena» and receives integration with VTB Arena at various levels, including naming rights, joint promotions and advertising activities in the VTB Arena space / media. The cost of the "Key Partner" program depends on the content and starts from 21 million rubles per year

Presentation for partners [PDF]

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For questions about advertising:
+7 495 122-42-25

Placement on the media facade

The media facade of VTB Arena is one of the largest in Moscow, located on a prestigious highway providing traffic of about 320,000 vehicles per day and up to 50,000 pedestrians.
Mediametry - 1.82 GRP and 187,100 OTS for 30 seconds of video per day.

Ads placement in shopping centers and public places

  • Crush-room of Arena
  • VIP boxes
  • Stadium

For 2022, 164 events were pre-confirmed with a total traffic of more than 1.5 million people per year. The shopping center's traffic is 15,000 people a day.
Advertising options and estimated cost - see the Price List.

For contact

For questions about advertising:
+7 495 122-42-25