Code of conduct for visitors

Code of Conduct for Visitors to the Sports and Concert/Entertainment Complex “VTB Arena — Stadium ‘Dynamo’ named after Lev Yashin”

The present Code has been developed in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Spectators during the Official Sports Events established by the Federal Government Decree No.1156 dated December 16, 2013, and is mandatory for all visitors to the Sports and Concert/Entertainment Complex “VTB Arena — Stadium ‘Dynamo’ named after Lev Yashin” (hereinafter — the SCEC).

In case of violation of the present Code of Conduct, JSC “MC ‘Dynamo’” (hereinafter — the SCEC administration) reserves the right to deny access to the SCEC or remove from its territory a visitor, whose actions cause inconvenience or pose potential danger to other guests.

CCTV is in operation at the territory of the SCEC and sports facilities for security reasons.

General Code of Conduct for Visitors:

  1. Visitors to the SCEC shall:
    • Observe and maintain the public order and generally accepted rules of conduct, behave respectfully towards other visitors, service personnel, persons responsible for the order maintenance at the territory of the SCEC, avoid potentially dangerous actions.
    • Comply with the lawful requirements of private security guards, providing the internal and access control within the SCEC, regarding the search of visitors to the SCEC by using special equipment, as well as present the carried property for inspection.
    • Take care of personal belongings during the visit to the SCEC. The SCEC administration is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of visitors’ personal belongings.
    • Inform the staff of the SCEC or the security organization about all cases of detection of unattended items, including: packages, bags, and other foreign objects.
  2. In the event of damage to property (including green spaces) at the territory of the SCEC, the person who caused the damage shall compensate for the material damage in full. In case the guilty person refuses to compensate for the damage caused, the SCEC administration reserves the right to recover the compensation judicially. Liability for damage is determined in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  3. Visitors acknowledge and agree that their photographs and/or video image taken or recorded during the visit to the SCEC may be publicly released or used by the SCEC administration by presenting video, live or recorded broadcasting, transfer or recording by another method, by means of photographs or other existing information technologies and/or technologies that will exist in the future as well as passed to the third-party persons and organizations.
  4. Images and video recordings made by a visitor during the visit to the SCEC may be used only for the private home use, except for cases when the event procedure sets other requirements concerning the photo and video shooting. Video shooting may be performed only with the use of non-professional video cameras without a tripod. Visitors are not allowed to use video recordings for commercial purposes in any circumstances, via internet or otherwise, give them to the third parties for commercial purposes.
  5. Images of any SCEC objects obtained by means of photo and video shooting may be used for commercial purposes only on the basis of the contract concluded with the SCEC administration.
  6. Children under 7 years of age are allowed to visit the SCEC accompanied by parents or persons authorized by them. The accompanying person shall not leave children unattended. Accompanying persons bear full responsibility for the presence of children at the territory of the SCEC.
  7. The following is not allowed at the territory of the SCEC:
    • Being in a state of alcoholic, narcotic, toxic and other intoxication, and/or committing other illegal actions, as well as looking the way that offends human dignity and public morality.
    • Riding motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, snowmobiles and other similar vehicles.
    • Presence and (or) walking of domestic animals of all kinds (including the transit passage of visitors with animals).
    • Bathing in fountains located at the territory of the SCEC, sunbathing on grass lawns.
    • Walking on the grass lawns, organization of picnics, installation of tents, barbecues.
    • Starting fire, burning dry leaves, using fire-hazardous agents and open fire.
    • Pollution of the territory of the SCEC with construction debris, household and other waste, arrangement of dumps.
    • Destruction and damage (including the inscriptions and drawings) of façades of buildings, pavilions, urban fittings (urns, benches, sofas), sculptures and other structures.
    • Unauthorized entry to pavilions, buildings and other structures, including those in a state of conservation, reconstruction or new construction.
    • Use of unmanned aerial vehicles.
    • Implementation of all types of economic, commercial and other activities at the territory of the SCEC without the approval by the SCEC administration, including:
      • distribution of printed publications and materials;
      • distribution or demonstration of advertising and promotional materials, samples of goods or services;
      • implementation of trading activities;/li>
      • holding any mass events (advertising, cultural, entertainment, sports events).
    • Climbing statues and fences.
    • Breaking, digging, damaging trees, bushes and lawns, picking and stealing of flowers from flower beds, implementation of unauthorized excavations and other survey works.
    • Climb trees, hang swing, hammocks, ropes, etc. on them.
    • Carry out actions that entail the violation of the rights of other visitors to the SCEC to a favourable living environment without the surrounding tobacco smoke.
    • Carry:
      • weapons of any type, including self-defence items, ammunition, stabbing and cutting objects, other items that can be used as weapons, toxic, chemical, poisonous and pungent-smelling substances, radioactive materials, flammable materials, explosives, other dangerous items, as well as items that in the opinion of the administration of the SCEC may cause inconvenience to other visitors without being dangerous;
      • flammable and pyrotechnic substances or items including skyrockets, flares, firecrackers, gas cylinders and objects (chemical materials), which can be used for the manufacture of pyrotechnic products or fumes, colouring substances;
      • alcoholic beverages;
      • propaganda materials of extremist nature, materials containing Nazi or extremist attributes or symbols offending human dignity and public morality;
      • bulky items that in the opinion of the SCEC administration may cause inconvenience to other visitors;
      • narcotic and toxic substances or stimulants;
      • devices with laser radiation;
      • any items that outwardly resemble prohibited items or their copies and analogues, and items, which pose potential danger to health of guests, may damage property or hinder the normal operation of the SCEC.