VTB United League opening match of the 2019/2020 season of BC “Khimki” - BC “Zielona Gуra” (Poland)

VTB United League opening match of the 2019/2020 season of BC “Khimki” - BC “Zielona Gуra” (Poland)

Khimki (Khimki) / Zielona Gуra (Poland)

Brainstorm — a special guest of the match Khimki — Zielona Gora!

Yellow-blue! We have prepared for you another surprise for the start of the season. At the opening match of Khimki — Zielona Gora, you will find an amazing show program and a special set of BrainStorm band!

Over 25 years of history, the Latvian band BrainStorm has won the hearts of music lovers around the world. The musicians amazingly manage to combine three languages in their work, creating simultaneously compositions in Latvian, Russian and English. Sincere lyrics, only a growing drive, an amazing sense of humor and charm, combined with the beautiful and unmistakably recognizable voice timbre of Renars Kaupers — all this explains the phenomenon of the band’s popularity. In the track record of musicians such hits as “Maybe”, “Colder”, “My Star”, “Wind”, “Weekend”, “Millions of minutes”, “Thunder Without Rain”, “You are not alone”, “Age” and etc. And also creative cooperation with Bi-2 band (“Slippery streets”), Casta (“Steps”), the writer Evgeniy Grishkovets and “Bigudi” band (“At the dawn”), Zemfira and her project The Uchpochmack.

The game will take place on the 25th of September, Wednesday. Khimki for the first time in their history will perform at the ultra-modern VTB Arena. We are waiting for the fans at the arena by 7h45m PM — at this time pre-match activities will already begin. The appearance of musicians on stage is scheduled at 7h55m PM.