Dear ladies and gentlemen!

In connection with the publication of the decree of the mayor of Moscow S. S. Sobyanin of 10.03.2020 No. 177 on amendments to the law of the mayor of Moscow from ?05 03 2020 #12: the organizers are doing everything possible to ensure that the concert will take place and pass safely for the audience.

Volkov PRO and LINDEMANN found a solution: the concerts will be held twice 15.03: ?at 15: 00 and ?19: 00. All spectators who bought tickets will be able to attend one of the concerts. The number of spectators at each performance will not exceed the maximum allowed. For those who can attend the concert ?at 15:00, a free upgrade of the ticket category will be available.

According to the established requirements, General hygiene and disinfection measures are applied at VTB arena – Dynamo Central stadium. Additional measures have also been taken at the site to ensure the safety of visitors and employees from the spread of viruses: all contact surfaces of the complex, including the handles of the entrance doors, are regularly treated with special antibacterial agents that meet the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor.

We thank the LINDEMANN group for understanding the situation and taking unprecedented measures to preserve the concert in Moscow for their fans.

Hotline number: +7 (495) 122 42 26

Attention! The call center will start working from 12:00 on 12.03.2020.