Tour of the VTB Arena – Central Stadium "Dynamo"

Tour of the VTB Arena – Central Stadium "Dynamo"

Old Petrovsky Park and its pearl – revived Dynamo Stadium, which celebrated its 90th anniversary – invite sports, culture, architecture, history fans to touch the legend, see its new image, plunge into the atmosphere of unforgettable sports and cultural events, try to reveal the secrets and mysteries of the oldest, but eternally young sports complex, with which the lives of many outstanding persons were intertwined! 

Our tours will take the guests to those nooks of the Sports and Concert/Entertainment Complex "VTB Arena – Central Stadium "Dynamo" named after Lev Yashin", which are usually hidden from sight. 

  • We will visit the legendary West stands – the only one extant and practically unchanged since 1928; 
  • get acquainted with the original bas-reliefs by Sergey Merkurov – the outstanding master, who praised the triumph of the Soviet people of the end of the 20s; 
  • walk along the Champion Route, a kind of borderline between two sports facilities accommodated under one roof at a height of 10 meters; 
  • have a look at the holy of holies – locker rooms, where players get prepared for games and listen to the coaches' instructions; 
  • and then pass through the tunnel to the field edge just like them; 
  • take photos on the bench; 
  • admire the stadium and arena panoramic views from sky-boxes like VIP, feel like the participants in postgame press conferences in the press center and, 
  • finally, take a group photo near the panoramic restaurant, where it is possible to enjoy events taking place both at the stadium and at the arena! 
You can purchase the discount tickets only at the stadium ticket offices.

The discount ticket costs 500 rubles.

The tickets are available to children from 6 to 16 years (upon the presentation of the birth certificate) and pensioners (upon the presentation of the pensioner’s certificate).