Questions and answers

About the stadium

How to get to the Stadium?

VTB Arena - Dynamo Central Stadium is located at the address: 125167, Moscow, Leningradsky pr-t, 36. The nearest metro stations are: Dynamo, Petrovsky Park.

Стадион крытый или открытый?

VTB Arena - Central Stadium «Dynamo» consists of two arenas:
· multifunctional indoor arena
· outdoor football stadium equipped with a canopy to protect the stands from rain

What is the temperature at the event?

· At hockey matches, ice shows, the temperature is not more than 15 degrees
· football, rugby - depending on weather conditions
· At concerts in the indoor arena - room temperature, at concerts at the stadium - depending on weather conditions

Is the cellular connection working?

Cellular communication of all mobile operators works on the territory of the complex

Is wi-fi working?

Free wi-fi is available on the territory of the shopping center

Is it possible to take a bag and outerwear to the gym?

Access with a bag and outerwear is allowed

Where are the smoking areas located?

Smoking is prohibited throughout the stadium

Where are the lockers located?

During the event:
· football matches, 4 lockers are located near the entrances to stands A, B, C, D
· hockey games and concerts, 2 luggage storage near stands A and B

Do I have to pay for luggage storage?

No need to pay for luggage storage

Luggage office hours?

Luggage storage opens 2 hours before the start of the event and closes two hours after the end

Things of what dimensions according to three parameters can be left in the storage room?

Dimensions should not exceed the dimensions of the maximum chamber cell: W42:H44:D45 cm.

Where can I pick up forgotten things?

Information about lost items should be sent to After receiving a response, the forgotten item can be picked up at the Service Entrance of the «VTB Arena - «Dynamo» Central Stadium». Detailed information will be in the reply letter.

Are there children's rooms?

A stationary children's room is open in the Arena Plaza shopping center from 10:00 to 22:00. During the current restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19, children's rooms are closed during sporting events.

Does the wardrobe work?

Each floor and sector has a wardrobe. The service is subject to weather conditions.

Where can I buy souvenirs?

Souvenirs and paraphernalia are sold in the lobby of each floor during matches and concerts. In particular, the «Arena Plaza» shopping center houses the official fan shops of the «Dynamo Moscow» Hockey Club and the «Dynamo Moscow» Football Club.

Are there restaurants and cafes?

Before passing control: in the shopping center «Arena Plaza» on the ground floor of the complex there is a food court with a large selection of cafes. After security control: There are hot food and beverage outlets in the lobby of each floor.

What is the difference between a fan zone and a dance floor?

The fan zone sector is closer to the stage, the dance floor (dance floor) is located behind the fan zone.


Location of the car park, where is the entrance to the car park?

Entrance to the underground parking from the side of the Theater Alley. Parking is designed for 654 places. The service is paid. Details at the link:

Is there disabled parking (MHD)?

Parking for the disabled (MHD) is free. Upon arrival, you must have a sign on the car and present a certificate. Details at the link:

Pass by ticket

Do I have to print my e-ticket, or is it enough to show it from my phone?

Printing an e-ticket is optional. It is enough to present a readable QR code of the electronic ticket from the phone screen.

Is it possible to go outside and come back to the event?

· When attending concerts, one exit from the stadium is allowed. To do this, you need to scan an e-ticket to exit. Detailed instructions can be obtained from the steward at the event;
· For football and hockey, re-entry to the Stadium on the day of the Match with an already used e-ticket is not allowed.

Is it possible to print an e-ticket at the ticket office of the Stadium?

It is not possible to print an e-ticket at the Stadium box office. To enter the event with an electronic ticket, it is enough to attach the phone screen with the QR code of the ticket to the scanner.

Can an e-ticket be exchanged for a paper one?

An electronic ticket cannot be exchanged for a paper one.

If the electronic entry ticket does not work, where can I go?

You need to contact the stewards - employees of the Stadium.

Up to what age can children enter the event for free?

Children up to 6 years old inclusive can go to football and hockey for free.
When purchasing an electronic ticket for concerts and other events, age restrictions can be found in the information about the event.
Important!: Accompanying persons must have an identity document (passport / driver's license) and a child's birth certificate with them.

Until what age does a child need to be accompanied?

· for football and hockey, it is forbidden to enter the Stadium for persons under the age of 14, unaccompanied by adults
· Visiting concerts and other events with children under 12 years old is possible only if accompanied by adults
Important!: Accompanying persons must have an identity document (passport / driver's license) and a child's birth certificate with them.

Where can I find and download a receipt for a purchased ticket?

To receive an electronic check, you need to scan the QR code located in the lower left part of the ticket through the application «Checking checks of the Federal Tax Service of Russia».

Download the application «Checking checks of the Federal Tax Service of Russia» for iOS
Download the application «Checking checks of the Federal Tax Service of Russia» for Android


Is it possible to go from the dance floor or fan zone to the seats and back?

Sector movement is prohibited. You need to take the seat indicated on the e-ticket.

What can't be carried?

It is forbidden to carry:
· weapons (including cold, gas and gas cartridges)
· drugs and devices for their use
· breaking, piercing and dirty objects
· pyrotechnics of all kinds
· any liquids, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
· photo and video equipment, as well as audio equipment for recording
Details on the link:

How long is the event?

Game time:
· football - 2 halves of 45 minutes and a 15-minute break
· hockey - 3 periods of 20 minutes and 17-minute breaks
· Concert - an average of 2 - 3 hours.